Adaptive Business Analytics Suite


Adaptive Insights will fundamentally change how you run your business. We provide the only cloud budgeting, consolidation and analytics solution that gives you a 360 degree view of your organization’s performance – past, present, and future. The Adaptive business analytics Suite includes Planning, Consolidation, and Discovery.


  • Use Adaptive Consolidation to look at the past with financial consolidation, reporting and disclosure.

  • Use Adaptive Planning to anticipate change and predict the future with collaborative input and flexible budgeting and forecasting tools.

  • Use them together with Adaptive Discovery to understand both past and present with performance measurement illuminated by graphical visualizations, mobile apps, and a powerful in-memory analytic platform.

  • Each product is an individual solution that stands on its own as the best of breed in the cloud. Our solutions also seamlessly integrate with one another in a powerful cloud platform. We’ve achieved the perfect balance of powerful and flexible features with an intuitive and easy customer experience, in a suite of products that requires only a web-browser to be use

Q-Plan mine budgeting and forecasting


Q-Plan is an instance of Adaptive Planning, designed specifically for budgeting and forecasting at mines. It allows for the use of mining physical schedules to drive the mineral supply chain, as well as revenue, costs and capital. Managers across the supply chain can build concurrent budgets, while using the identical assumptions and schedules. All mineral beneficiation steps are modelled and historical physical schedules, costs, revenue and capital are automatically uploaded monthly. Compare budget, actuals and forecasts in one easy step and press a button to automatically prepare your monthly board report.