Summary of our service offerings

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We will analyse your business or physical processes and build a forecasting model that accurately predicts the outcome of that process (as verified by statistical analysis). These models can be used for continuous improvement purposes or for planning and budgeting.



One of the most challenging things for an organisation to do is to predict demand for their products. Many organisations use heuristic approaches to this, very often with poor outcomes. Using our mathematical techniques, we will work with your planners to build statistically accurate demand forecasting models. These models can then be used for planning / forecasting / budgeting purposes

If you're wanting to optimise an internal business process or a physical metallurgical, chemical or production process, we will identify and quantify the relative importance of the factors that constrain the process. Our methodology is a mixture of data mining and qualitative analysis. 

Having built up a model of your operation, we can assist your staff in running various strategic scenarios using the model. Our consultants can run the analyses for you or we can simply provide analysis and help desk support for your team.

We assist clients with building budgets "from the ground up" using first principles. Where the relationship between the first principle model and the real life generation of costs or revenue is not well understood, we will perform analyses to establish these relationships. Our budget models are then maintained and updated by your staff for monthly / quarterly forecasting and budgeting.

All models that are generated need periodic "re-calibration" as the business enviornment changes. We offer a maintenance service that ensures whatever models are deployed within your organisation are accurate and relevant. We also provide training for your staff on the use of all our tools.