Q-Plan: Mine Budgeting & Forecasting


Q-Plan is a budgeting, forecasting, planning and evaluation tool specially designed for mining operations. This software allows all managers to work simultaneously on a single version of the budget and to make it automatically dependent on mining schedules. Benefits include:


  • Reduce the time spent on budgeting and forecasting

  • Improve the accuracy of the budget

  • Improve communication & collaboration between managers

  • Compare actuals vs budget vs forecast in 1 step


“Driver based” dynamic budgeting

The whole budget can be linked to physical mining schedules. Change the schedule and the budget automatically changes. Monthly or quarterly budget updates become a breeze.


Concurrent planning

Any number of managers can modify aspects of the budget simultaneously. As they make changes, other managers can see the changes immediately.


Audit trails

A full change log is maintained in the database so users can see what was changed, when and by whom.


Configurable rights and permissions

Viewing and editing rights are assigned per individual user as required. If you want to keep some parts of the budget private, or locked down, this is easily done.


Multi scenario comparison

Various scenarios can be saved for testing purposes, while maintaining a single “live” budget. Multiple scenarios can be loaded simultaneously for line by line comparisons.


Sensitivity analysis

Visually see what parameters your plan is most sensitive to. Change the parameters by any amount and compare results on NPV, cash flow, or any other metric.