"We recently had our best production month ever at the smelter. Quantalytic was instrumental in helping us set up the planning systems that contributed substantially towards achieving this result" - Brett Harries, Smelter Manager, Xstrata Copper Smelter, Queensland

Process Modelling


We model industrial, chemical, metallurgical and business processeses within various businesses. Examples include: 


  • Metallurgical processes - mine concentrators, ore treatment plants

  • Chemical processes - acid plants, smelters

  • Industrial processes - refineries, power stations

  • Business processes - call centres, banking processes


Our approach is summarised in the diagram. We combine a mix of first principle modelling, qualitative interpretation and (where data exists) statistical data modelling to extract the "true" dynamics at play. The resulting models have a solid basis in theory as well as in measured behaviour. We then turn the models into practical planning / scheduling / budgeting / forecasting tools. We are platform agnostic, but we typically embed the logic in spreadsheets, Adaptive Planning models or in custom built software. Our models are normally used for:


  • Production planning / forecasting

  • Business process improvement

  • Strategic scenario planning


Read this case study for a practical example of a chemical process we have modelled.