Constraint Analysis


All organisations and processes have factors that constrain them. As a result, system performance suffers. These factors are not always known and even if they are, in most cases they have not been quantified. Using our process modelling expertise, we have a tried and tested, scientific method of uncovering the dominant constraints in organisations and processes. Our service comprises:


  • Identify the business constraints

  • Quantify and rank the constraints in terms of system performance

  • Build a predictive model that shows the impact on performance


The predictive model is typically embedded in a practical planning tool that allows employees to quickly build an understanding as to which operational "levers" to pull (and by how much) in order to improve system performance. The users of these tools range from managers to process engineers, to plant operators or processing staff. Read this case study for a practical example of a situation where we have helped to debottleneck processes. 

"I have been very impressed with Quantalytic's skills and degree of professionalism. They are complementing our existing team very well." - Neil Gadd, General Manager, Jeminex, Perth