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Ongoing maintenance & support

Almost all custom developed software requires some level of ongoing support. We offer an ongoing support service for software that we have developed for a notional monthly fee. The service generally covers the following:
  1. New feature requests and fixes. As the users start using the software, new features are requested and hidden bugs are uncovered. The support service includes some development time to meet these requests.
  2. Help desk. Most users (even super users) require some level of help desk support especially in the early phases of the use of a new software tool. Our service caters for remote support as questions arise.
  3. Administration. For solutions that have a database back-end (which is the majority of solutions that we develop), some users prefer not to take on administration of the system. Administration includes setting user permissions, maintaining data integrity, clearing old scenarios and monitoring and correcting system performance. Our support service often includes remote system administration.
The support package we offer is tailored to the needs of the application we develop. Please contact us for more information


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